Evolution of Natural Food Color

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EPColorTM ColorDispersible
EPColorTM ColorDispersible is a color solution system provided by EPC. With the help of this CD solution, the stabilities of natural anthocyanins have been improved remarkably during the process and storage. Meanwhile, CD technology also open the door to replace the lake colors with safe natural colors and to a new field, water soluble colors such as anthoyanins can be used in oily condition.  
1. Higher stability

In comparison to any other natural food colors, CD shows better stability under heat and photo conditions. As for anthocyanins red, an increased color intensity can be achieved by using CD- Anthocyanins, especially in normally very unstable pH conditions ranging from 4-6/7.
2. Color consistency during whole shelf life
No discoloration or color fading throughout product’s shelf life.(e.g. vegetable soup colored by CD- Chlorophyllin would present fresh green color for at least two years while regular Chlorophyllin has already faded.)
3. Non-migration
CD can eliminate the color-bleeding which always occurred in the boundary of two objects with different color shade. All the colorants existed in foodstuffs are fixed in their own position, no diffusion happens.
4. No fading
CD is highly stable in foodstuffs, no color is faded during processing. For example, Surimi colored by CD would not fade when cooking.
5. Easy use
You can easily mix CD into food ingredient by physical methods. CD has great applicability, it won’t react with majority of food ingredients, thus fully compatible with the three primary color theory.
6. A wide variety of colors
CD provide nearly full range colors under EU/US/CN regulation. On top of Carotene, Lycopene, Paprika, CD allows the manufacturers have more choices for coloring oily products.
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