Evolution of Natural Food Color

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EPCleanabel- Coloring foodstuffs
Nowadays, consumers are more concerned about what is in their foods and drinks, how they process and produce, and even want to know the growing environment of every ingredient. This change in behavior has obviously indicated that our consumers have become label-sensitives.
EPCleanabel series are kind of ingredients that can be labelled as “fruit/vegetable concentrate” on your goods. All of these coloring foodstuffs are extracted from fruits, vegetables and edible plants. With the physical preparation processes, EPCleanabel coloring foodstuffs are regarded as food ingredients with coloring properties. This solution aims to provide appealing coloring foodstuffs that could be by going clean label (without E-Number) on your goods.
EPCleanabel coloring foodstuff contains: Purple Sweet Potato Concentrate, Safflower Yellow Concentrate, Elderberry Concentrate, Black Carotene concentrate and Black Sesame Powder.
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