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Replace Carmine in Lipstick with ColorDispersible(CD) Natural Anti-aging Reds
 EPColorTM ColorDispersible (CD) is an innovative and integral natural coloring system built by EPC Natural Products, Co., Ltd. EPColorTM CD significantly improves the performance of natural plant-extracted pigments in terms of stability, fastness, dispersivity and homogeneity. As a range of oil-dispersible colors, EPColorTM CD is specialized in red, yellow, green, blue and grey shades.
 EPColorTM CD Reds comprise 3 different tones of red originated from Anthocyanins extracted from purple sweet potato (Ipomoea Batatas), red radish (Raphanus Sativus) and elderberry (Sambucus Nigra L). Due to EPColorTM CD Reds’ enhanced performance, it becomes unprecedently possible to replace carmine dyes in cosmetics with vegetal colors.
4 Reasons to choose CD Reds
Good Stability
Proved by heat and UV stability tests, CD colors demonstrate excellent stability between PH 3-5. Within this range, CD Reds are comparably stable as carmine dyes, and far more stable than regular Anthocyanins pigments.
Let’s replace carmine!
Carmine is widely used for red coloring in cosmetics, but its insect source (the cochineal bug, primarily grown on South America cactus) is known to cause rare but potentially severe allergic reactions in some people. Meanwhile, the use of carmine is also controversial for people who practice vegetarian, halal, or kosher diets.
Anti-aging color? Kill two birds with one stone!
Free radicals play an important role in aging. They can be generated from external sources such as UV radiation and environmental pollution. Rich in Anthocyanins, CD Reds have exhibited good free radical-scavenging capacity. Anthocyanins are powerful nutrients that protect collagen against breakage and enhance its regeneration. Healthy and vital collagen plays a crucial role in maintain the youth of skin.
Ease of use
There is no need to resort to color blending expert since you can manage it by simple physical means. Meanwhile, CD colors’ good compatibility ensures that they don’t react with other ingredients and just reveal their original color shades.

CD Reds in Lipstick
CD colors are designed for oil-based and waterless applications where regular natural pigments are usually confronted with technical hurdles. The various tests results below show CD Vegetal Reds′ outstanding properties in lipstick formulation, including stability and anti-aging effects.
A.      Excellent UV stability
The lipsticks (battery No.1) made of CD reds were exposed to sunlight for 2 months, no visible discoloration or clumping was detected. The day time was approximately 12 h/day.
B.       Excellent stability to high/low temperature
The lipsticks (battery No.2) made of CD reds were placed at 45̊C for a 3-month period, no visible discoloration or clumping has been detected.
The film shrunk and caused the false impression of heterogeneity.
The lipsticks (battery No.3) made of CD reds were placed under circumstance at -10̊C for a 3-month period, no visible discoloration or clumping was detected.
The lipsticks (battery No.4) made of CD reds were put through cycle test for 3 months. The lipsticks were heated at 45̊C for 24h, and then they were placed immediately in refrigeration at -10̊C for another 24 hours, which forms one cycle. 3-month time means approximately 46 cycles. No visible discoloration or clumping was detected at the end of the test.
The film shrunk and caused the false impression of heterogeneity.  
C.      Good stability with regard to water and alcohol
After a 10min water shower (left: battery 1) and a 10min alcohol rinsing (right: battery 2), lipsticks in both batteries maintained the same fastness and color shade. Photos before and after rinsing were taken with 30min interval.
 D.      Anti-aging effect
A free radical-scavenging test (DHPP) was conducted. CD Sweet Potato Red Powder C suspending in absolute ethanol showed good capability in eliminating free radicals. The capability increased when the concentration of CD colors went up.
Concentration (mg/ml) Free Radical-scavenging Rate (%)
2 4.7
3 12.5
4 18.5 
Example of Lipstick Formulation
  Product Name Producer Abbreviation Weight % w/w in Formulation
Part 1 CD Sweet Potato Red Powder C EPC CD-SP 1.2g 6%
CD Elderberry Red Powder C EPC CD-E 0.336g 1.68%
CD Radish Red Powder C EPC CD-R 0.68g 3.4%
Titanium dioxide   Td 0.08g 0.4%
Olive oil   - 0.8g(4ml) 4%
Part 2 lanolin   - 2.4g 12%
vaseline   - 12g 60%
Beeswax   - 2.5g 12.5%
Part 1:
Add 1.2 g CD-SP, 680 mg CD-R, 336 mg CD-E and 80 mg Td in 4 ml Olive oil;
Part 2:
* mix 2.5 g Beeswax,12.0 g vaseline and 2.4 g lanolin at 60°C;
* Mix part 1 and part 2 at room temperature.
* Fill the mixture into the mould;
* Cool the lipstick until it becomes hard
 Mix CD colors with oil prior to other ingredients containing water. This step ensures and enhances CD’s stability.
 CD colors’ amount should account for 3%-10% of the total ingredients by weight.
Purple Red
Brilliant Red
Bronze yellow
Deep Green
Bronze yellow
Dark Grey

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