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Recommended: EPColorTM ColorDispersible-Oil dispersible natural colors (CD-colors) and EPCleanabel Coloring foodstuffs
Challenges of coloring Confectionery
1. Artificial and synthetic colors are proven to cause a series of influences in the process of children's growth, such as Children's mental retardation, Hyperactivity (ADHD) etc.
2. Because its poor stability under heat and photo, natural water soluble colors are hardly to experience trials of heat process during the production of confectionery. Its poor color fastness make confectionery become discoloring and fading during the shelf life.
EPColorTM solution:
Solution 1: EPColorTM ColorDispersible-Oil disperisble natural colors
1. Higher photo stability and thermal stability
2. Color consistency during the whole shelf life
3. Easy use. CD can be easily mixed into food ingredient by physical method.
4. Full range natural color hue available for confectionery.
5. All CD colors certificated by Halal and Kosher.
Solution 2: Coloring foodstuffs
1. Confectionery is going to become additive-free (without E-Number) by using of EPColorTM coloring foodstuff, which is more appeal to consumers. This customer-friendly and transparent labelling- products provide information on the origin of the coloring food at a glance and makes clear that the color comes from food.
2. EPColorTM Coloring foodstuff has good compatible to confectionery base, such as syrup.
3. High color fastness, no fading or no migration during the shelf life of confectionery.
Showcase: Jelly drops
Ingredients: Starch syrup, sugar, cornstarch, fortified wheat flour, salt, citric acid, glycerin, mono and diglycerides, potassium sorbate, vegetable oil, soy lecithin;
ColorCD-Radish red, CD-Elderberry red, CD-Purple Sweet Potato red, CD-Safflower Yellow.
1. Prepare starch milk:
  • Well mix the corn starch, enriched wheat flour, salt, mono and diglycerides, potassium sorbate, vegetable oil, soy lecithin and glycerin, then add 30 mL water.
  • Stir the mixture while heating it in water bath (60℃)
2. Boil the sugar, starch syrup and water together, then gradually add them into the starch milk.
3. Further boil the above mixture about one hour. The final temperature should be around 115-120℃.
4. Add CD colors into above mixture (CD- Elderberry, CD- Sweet Potato red, CD-Safflower Yellow, CD-Radish red)
5. Cooling down.
6. Forming.
Purple Red
Brilliant Red
Bronze yellow
Deep Green
Bronze yellow
Dark Grey

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