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Recommended: EPColorTM ColorDispersible-Oil dispersible natural colors (CD-colors)
People especially children, are usually enchanted by the colorful bakeries displayed in the windows. Indeed the color not only affects the visual appeal of food bur also arouse nice mood: yellow, orange and red are colors that invoke joy, energy and excitement while blue and green are relaxing and calming.
Challenges of coloring bakery:
1. Allergic reactions: Annatto and carmine were found to have potentially severe allergic reactions in some people.
2. Instability: If the temperature surpasses 130℃, the annatto color will be discolorized severely; the Turmeric and Beta-carotene are light-sensitive.
3. Presence of controversial ingredients: Certain caramel contains a potentially carcinogenic chemical called 4-methylimidazole. Additionally, carmine is cochineal extract adsorbed on an insoluble calcium or aluminum base.
4. Limited color choice: A few choices of stable natural oil soluble colors in the current market.
The high baking temperature, neutral pH condition, low water content, fat/sugar matrixes are confining the application of natural colors in baking foods. A lot of natural colors especially the red ones are water-soluble. It was therefore very difficult to apply water-soluble red colors in water-less matrix with neutral pH value.
EPColorTM solution:
In order to enrich the color choices in fat-based system, EPColorTM provides the innovative natural coloring solution: ColorDispersible. This CD solution use physical treatment and change the surface of the color agents from hydrophilic to lipophilic. Therefore, the color agents can be evenly distributed in fat/sugar-based matrix and in dry blends.
Thanks to EPColorTM ‘s leading-edge technologies, CD color opened the door to replace the lake colors with safe natural colors and free your colorful bakery and decoration from aluminum content.
1. Higher photo stability and thermal stability
* Photo stability
The cream was colored by purple sweet potato red (PSP red ) and CD PSP red and then stored at room temperature (25℃) without oxygen. The color was measured after t=0h, t=24h, t=48h, t=72h, t=96h. by Hunter Color Quest). Compared with results the CD PSP red present obviously higher light stability.
* Thermal stability
Paprika and turmeric are two basic oil-soluble colors. EPC’s in-house stability test showed that paprika and turmeric significantly faded at 177℃after 10 min baking time, but the shade of the cookies colored by CD purple sweet potato and CD safflower yellow had no obvious differences before and after the baking.
2. Color consistency during the whole shelf life
Fading and migration tend to happen in baking goods colored by regular natural colors during the storage. CD colors can solve these problems and ensure the color consistency of bakeries during the shelf life.
3. Easy use
CD colors can be easily mixed uniformly through physical method. The good compatibility of CD secures their original color shades because they don’t react with other ingredients. You can match colors by yourself without need to resort to color matching experts.
4. Full range natural color hue available for bakery
ColorDispersibleTM contains a spectrum of the most popular colors used in bakery (from red purple, orange, yellow to blue). Specially, CD red colors are stable in neutral pH compared with other natural red colors.
Showcase: Colorful shaped biscuit
Butter: 70g; Sugar: 70g; Baking flour: 150g; Salt: 0.5g; Milk powder: 10g;
Natural colors: CD Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin (CD-SCC) and CD-Beet root
1.     Beat the softened butter and sugar together by hand or with a mixer.
2.     Add salt, baking flour, sugar and milk powder together, and make them into dough.
3.     Divide the dough into two parts and add CD-SCC and CD-Beet root separately into dough.
4.     Knead the colored dough again and shaped using the molds.
5.     Bake them under 200℃ for 15 minutes.
Tips: let the CD color be soaked in a little vegetable oil before adding into mixture, it will be easier to mix evenly.
Purple Red
Brilliant Red
Bronze yellow
Deep Green
Bronze yellow
Dark Grey

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