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Cream products
Recommended: EPColorTM ColorDispersible-Oil dispersible natural colors (CD-colors)
Cream can be processed into decorations for cakes, toppings & Fillings for bread and biscuits, and decorations for beverages. This substance is the most important ingredient for ice cream as well.
Manufacturers are usually by coloring this white cream to make them more attractive.
Challenges of coloring cream
1. The safety of products containing artificial colors has been a point of debate for decades. And increasing researches show that they are toxic, carcinogens and contributors to ADHD.
2. Conventional natural oil soluble colors have limitation on color shades.
3. While the conventional natural water soluble colors contains nearly full range of shades, they are unstable and insoluble in this oily condition.
EPColorTM solution:
ColorDispersible (CD) – a set of natural “oil dispersible” colors originated from regular water soluble colors. The full range oil dispersible colors meet the requirement of different application.
1. CD shows better stability. No fading and migration happens after pasteurization.
3. The dosage of CD has no impact on product’s formulation.
4. Easy use. CD colors can be easily mixed into base through physical method.
5. Full range natural color hue available for cream products.
Cream products
Purple Red
Brilliant Red
Bronze yellow
Deep Green
Bronze yellow
Dark Grey

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